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Freeman Patterson

Freeman Patterson talks about his early years, his photography, and his surviving two liver transplants in a recent interview with Paul Kennedy on the CBC program Ideas. “What you choose to photograph says something about you the photographer.  How you … Continue reading

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Let’s be cirrus for a moment.

My wife  and I decided to go out for a bike ride one evening after supper recently.  There were clouds in the west that looked a little threatening, but they were far away and we weren’t going very far.  We … Continue reading

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The End of an Era

Well today is a marked occasion in the artistic life of Paul Miller, the once stoic proponent of 35mm film has finally purchased a Digital SLR.  I know, I know, I’m around twenty years behind the rest of the world, … Continue reading

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Where have I heard that before?

I had been exploring the idea of using sounds to recall memory; just as certain smells will remind you of individuals or occasions, I had been awakened to the idea that sounds would do the same. While listening to  Episode … Continue reading

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Clem leek – Snow Tale

I downloaded Clem leek‘s Snow Tale recently, and was listening to it while doing work around the house today.  I’ve been marveling at the corn field that stretches out from behind our house, it’s flower pokes up from the stalks … Continue reading

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Music can be like a colour we wash over our lives and change how we receive our environment.             Found at Rural Colours

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