Freeman Patterson

Freeman Patterson photographing in South Africa

Freeman Patterson talks about his early years, his photography, and his surviving two liver transplants in a recent interview with Paul Kennedy on the CBC program Ideas.

“What you choose to photograph says something about you the photographer.  How you choose to photograph also says something about you.”

I appreciate his idea of the photographer taking from the object, but also the giving of ourselves to the photograph, how our “desires, hopes and fears” are brought to the picture.

“The camera definitely looks both ways.  Every photograph you make, every photograph I make, we’re all writing our own autobiography.”

How rarely we would see the importance and the permanence of the things we create.

What message are you communicating, or receiving when you look at your own photographs, whether they be art or just a record of time?  In what manner have these moments been important to you?  What consistencies, if any, are prevalent in your creations?


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