Continualy Amazed

After a visit to the park one evening we were trying to load everyone in the van, and what caught my eye were hundreds of tiny insects of different kinds caught in the distant rays of sunlight shining through some trees.  I turned my lens towards it and snapped a few shots, not really imagining that I would have enough resolution to capture what I saw, they were quite far away.

Weeks later I was processing some shots I took in Photo Shop Lightroom3 (I downloaded the free trial for thirty days), and I pulled up the ones from the park.  Pleasantly surprised, I zoomed in on the dancing fly’s and after sharpening slightly they came out quite well.  When the photo filled the screen again they were a little less noticeable, but all in all I was happy with the picture.  I moved my cursor around and it happened to land on the sun peeking through the trees…

There has been a few moments when playing in Lightroom  (I have no training) I slide a fader here, tweak that, just a smidgen more and WOW! I get smacked in the face buy what I see.  Now we all know what little experience I have with digital photography, so small things that are commonplace to most photographers makes me jump and say look.  The first time I reduced the noise, that’s like graininess on film, for a photo I shot at night with ISO 1600 my eyes began to well up.

So the little bump of the mouse into the trees was just by happenstance another revelation to behold, I squinted closely at what I saw, it was like perfect rays of light bursting through leaves, each one it’s own shade of green captured spiraling out to silhouette.  I didn’t know that this could be.  That’s the amazing thing about photographing the sun, you can look at it in all it’s beauty without it burning holes in your retina.

My thirty days are down to 17 and I’m trying to move through all the pics I’ve taken since I got the D40, and that count is growing daily, so I’ll be stuffing the piggy bank for a while till there’s enough to purchase.  I guess technology can be useful sometimes eh?

Contentment is wealth – where’d I read that today?


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4 Responses to Continualy Amazed

  1. Stacia says:

    Looks like a beautiful spot! Editing software is confounding and amazing, isn’t it?

    • Paul Miller says:

      Agreed, and expensive. I try to touch things as little as possible, but I love it just for cleaning things up. I’m looking for a good free one that deals with noise. It’s a great park, the kids love all the play structures and the splash pad and there’s a small beach. Perhaps I could put a geo tag on it if I could figure out how.

  2. Jacqueline says:

    I especially liked the second photo! Great shot!

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