The Only Constant is Change…

…Someone reminded me of that recently and I guess it rings true.  And so the tides of change have come to vkhps.  I’ve grabbed on to an idea and ran with it; the first step was changing hosts and gaining a little more control over things.

The original idea behind vkhps has morphed into something completely different and substantially more focused, which is a great feeling as I’m usually the proverbial chicken pas tete.  (I’m sure my wife Natalie will have something to say about my french.)

I don’t want to pretend I have a great following of readers, but I didn’t want anyone to be worried that I had been abducted by aliens or anything.



About Paul Miller

Father of six Husband of one Son of two Brother of three Friend of ... a few?
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6 Responses to The Only Constant is Change…

  1. JT says:

    Hi Paul,
    I was wondering if you had been abducted, however your name shows up on my stats occasionally which layed my concerns to rest. I have just subscribed to your new site as I was unable to reply to your recent post on colitis.
    I didn’t realize how much we have in common, with 6 children myself and a diagnosis of Chrohn’s maybe we share too much…unfortunately. Perhaps you have read on the blog where I have alluded to to my story. I don’t write much about it there as I am writing a book entitled “Food 4 Thought, Food 4 Life where I share my journey from sickness to health and the disturbing albeit eye-opening things I have learned along the way.
    I wish good health for you friend and blessings on your new site.

    • Paul Miller says:

      I did see your mention of autoimmune disease, I was snooping through gravatars on another blog and I followed you home :)
      My wife is expecting another in April which will round us off at six.
      And I believe you also have, or do work in construction. I have been a drywall contractor for many years but due to an inordinate number of incidences, (for too much for a blog) the last of which was my hospitalization last year, I am currently looking to change careers – hence the new site! Thanks for subscribing. I enjoy getting your posts in my mailbox, they usually show up in the mornings, so either your an early riser, or a late nighter or in another time zone.

      • Paul Miller says:

        And I’ll try to find a way to allow gravatar comments.

      • JT says:

        I am usually up at six and I live on the east coast so it probably does show up early in your box :) Congratulations on your soon coming bundle of joy! Yes, i have been in construction most of my life, I work in human services now but still take on small jobs to supplement the income, as you know when the quiver is full it can be quite costly. Thanks for reading and following my random ramblings.

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